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Things have still been crazy for me, working about 50 hrs a week right now and not getting much time to work on IM. Things are starting to settle a bit and Im going to bring one of my spare PCs to work so I can put in time on IM when not busy with other stuff. Check in videos are going to still be on hold until I both have something worth checking in, and I find time to do them, I will keep you guys posted as things progress, but the IM project is certainly not dead and I am still around, just haven't put much time into development lately. 
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Marcus's Avatar
Marcus replied the topic: #1 3 years 2 months ago
I'd love to see a response to that.
Zealot's Avatar
Zealot replied the topic: #2 3 years 2 months ago
So... it's been 3 months since your last update Wobbles. Are you going to consolidate into one final build the ViGEm plugin that you have in the 1.7.6410 nightly build? I think you made a big breakthrough with this build and Steam's exclusivity conflicts, but we didn't end up with a final, easy to install, package. In fact, at this point I'm unsure if you want new people to install 1.6.10 or the 1.7.6410 nightly build.

So... considering how near we are to the holiday season, is there room for you & IM in 2017?