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Ok guys, the results of the poll are in, and despite some not listening when I say IM has nothing to do with exclusive mode any more, the remaining votes are quite clear. So below in order of precedence is the new road-map for IM 1.7!!!



  1. Automatic app/game detection.
    I have made some pretty great progress in this department since 1.4-1.6 era, 1.7's detection coupled with Giant Bomb's API seems pretty solid and will make a great backbone when I finish implementing the profile switching functionality. So this will now be my 1st priority in 1.7
  2. Mapping override options
    1.7 already has some pretty cool options as far as mapping overrides, and will soon get a bunch more, Auto fire/repeat, button toggles, axis tuning, input mixing are all part of this.
  3. Macros
    This has been missing and half finished for a while for the simple fact, a complex macro system is a bitch to write. This will be a lot of code and work, but with this as my 3rd priority, when I get to it hopefully I can focus on it and hammer it out.
  4. Onscreen keyboard
    I showed this off briefly in 1.7, recent controller class object redesign has broken what I had so far, which I think was seriously cool, but when I get back to it hopefully I can make it even better and cleaner than before!
  5. Theming Support
    It's pretty, but in the grand scheme isn't really crucial, so this drops to 5 on the list.
  6. Cloud functionality
    I've wanted to do this for a while, 1.7 with the improved game detection will probibly be where it finally becomes a reality
  7. Exclusive Mode
    Not gonna keep wasting my breath on this one....
  8. I find it currently has all the functionality I need. Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it.
    Thanks, but there is alwayse room for improvement!
  9. Stopping lag and random disconnects.
    This is usually a hardware or environment related issue, but feel free to contact us in the support section.
  10. Reduce Latency
    Absolutely! 1.7 was built from the ground up with this in mind. Not only are we taking advantage of ViGEm which has better response than SCPVB, we also implemented a check where if default mapping is used, all the overhead of the mapping layer is completely skipped!
  11. Stability. The program tends to hang/crash a lot, or have issues connecting/staying connecting after a few
    Not sure if you are talking about 1.7, as this one has proven to be the most stable of all the IM developments so far thanks to its modular design, but stability will continue to be in my mind going forward.
  12. 2 player
    IM has alwayse supported multiple simultaneous controllers, not sure what is meant here
  13. App works great! Maybe just a nice artsy looking UI and ease of use so my friends arent scared to use it
    Aww thanks, On top a a huge amount of theming options coming in 1.7, I am also developing user controls from the ground up to handle things that were awkwardly handled before.
  14. Gyro or Motion controls for DS4
    You gout it! Gyros are now fully mappable channels in 1.7 meaning they have the full capabilities and options of every other channel unlike in 1.6 where the settings were limited.
  15. New bugs that have come up with Windows 10 creator's update!
    Such as? I am running the newest Win 10 update and have not seen any issues in IM 1.7
  16. Nothing
    Thanks, lol, but there is alwayse something ;-)
  17. I want to exit the application without the confirm exit dialog box, which pops up despite turning off all [controllers]
    Sounds reasonable, will add the option.
  18. device compatibility for xinput emulation
    I suppose we mean input device compatibility. Absolutely! One of the driving forces behind making IM 1.7 plugin capible was the support for lotsa new controllers with little or no re-work of the main app!
  19. Stability, lightweight
    Absolutely, IM 1.7 being plugin driven mean users only need to add plugins for the controllers and emulation they actually need. Additionally converting all icons and images to vector icons mean less memory overhead and footprint!
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