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Good morning everyone, no video this week as allergies have gone to kicking my ass again so I am a mess. Despite that I have made a great deal of progress on the new beta website. 

Things left to do are create an account migration system. I have considered finding ways to transport all 91k users from the current site to the new one, but this would be too prone to issues, also many of these accounts are dormant. Instead I will be creating a form to allow people to manually migrate their accounts over which will provide us with a fresh canvas to make sure we only get active and premium users.

I also need to create the paypal callback API to automatically upgrade accounts on upgrade, but this wont go into effect until the site is completely swapped and IM 1.7 is fully launched.

An advance warning, the launch of IM 1.7 with the new website will break login capabilities of previous versions of IM and lock them into ad supported mode. For this reason I want to make sure IM 1.7 is thoroughly tested and feature complete before pushing it as an official update and replacement for IM 1.6 & 1.5.

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