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IM is about ready for help in translating the strings to various languages, more info on how to help will be in a later tutorial video. Starting work on the installer for moving IM 1.7 into the beta stages.

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denis boxx's Avatar
denis boxx replied the topic: #1 1 year 4 months ago
muito bom
wirenut48's Avatar
wirenut48 replied the topic: #2 1 year 4 months ago
Just a reminder about macros that we were discussing just before you had to take some personal time. You said "Sounds like I need a button not pressed trigger and a block bindings action". As I was trying to find a way to override the default mappings to fire a macro. I think currently all you can do is map a macro to an unused button so haven't been able to play around with them. Probably is something you should look into before putting out a Beta so some testing can be done prior.