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On Tuesday, August 9th at 8am - 12am EST, I will be live streaming the launch and first 4 hours of No Man's Sky. Join me for some morning beers as we talk shop, do some space pew pew and try our best to break the NMS servers. Ill be answering any question you may have about IM and its development as well as testing IM in NMS as we play the game with the best PC game controller there is, the Dualshock 4. If you have copies of the game be sure to join our steam group before the stream!


There still seems to be some rather insistent debate as to the actual release date of the game. Hello Games released a vaguely worded statement indicating that the release date for PC may be on the 12th, but due to the odd way it is worded many people believe that the US release date for PC remains on the 9th.

Steam still maintains that the release date is the 9th on their store page, and there never wrong, right?!?!

Despite questions from every customer and gaming news source out there, Hello Games has refused to respond as to what the actual release date is, and has gone somewhat media silent. Some speculate this is because Sony is pressuring them to keep the fact that the console and PC release are on the same day, though I struggle to see the benefit from Sony's standpoint.

If the game releases on the 9th we will stream some NMS, otherwise ill dig another game out of my library of unfinished games.

Another Update:

Steam has now officially changed the release date to the 12th for US PC owners.



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