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This has almost nothing to do with InputMapper, but for those of you that like having a flashy looking PC Case, you may enjoy this!

Been working on an in-case PC stat monitor, the hardware was simple enough and the list of parts I used are at the bottom of the article, but what is more important is the software to make it hands off and hassle free. The most annoying thing that could happen to me with a tiny screen in my case is if windows try to open on it, or if lose track of my mouse on it, or even just going through the trouble of making the hardware look nice just to have a generic copy of NZXT's CAM running on it. So I set out to write my own software, and so far I'm pretty happy with the results.

Screen -
HDMI Cable -
USB to Molex -
Molex to SATA -
Plastic Dividers -

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Chris Bognar's Avatar
Chris Bognar replied the topic: #1 1 year 5 months ago
Came for InputMapper, stayed for the Stat Screen. I have a RasPi HDMI mini screen slaved to my PC as a 2nd tiny screen sitting next to the main display. It's about the size of a standard smartphone, and I was resisting mounting it in the Plexiglas chassis until I found software that would work. It works (including touch capability), but I cant find a decent software package for it . . . but your pet project looks exactly like what I want. I donated $10 out of good faith, hoping you continue to develop this software and release it to the public, would certainly buy it!
mike1978's Avatar
mike1978 replied the topic: #2 1 year 6 months ago
I just donated $2 for the first time, ive been donating to several ppl lately, my town of Magalia, Ca was part of the Camp fire and my whole town is totally burned to the ground everything is gone totally gone. It was a Miracle that the fire literally stopped about 100 feet from my home. i wanted to ask if you have done any bug fixes for mapper 1.6.9 because i purchased a ps4 knock off controller called a(LillyHood ps4 controller) and it actually works better with 6.9 then a real sony controller. i dont crash anymore or have latency issues like ive had with the sony ps4 controller it also recognizes my lillyood ps4 controller as a 360 xbox controller at xinput tools so just keep up the good work, I watched the video of Stat Screen software and thats awsome.