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It's been teased for a couple weeks, but I think it is ready for release now, the new UI is now available for testing.

More things have been updated such as adding the option to switch between the advanced mapping view and the mapping UI (on properly configured devices). I have also swapped the data rate graph out for a less CPU intensive one. many other various performance changes have been made as well as some bug fixes for the Dualshock 4.

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Nick van de Wall's Avatar
Nick van de Wall replied the topic: #1 4 days 14 hours ago
Thank you, appreciate your time
Wobbles's Avatar
Wobbles replied the topic: #2 5 days 2 hours ago
If you are on 1.6 you need a macro that has Button Press->Pause .1s->Button Release->Pause .1s. If you are on 1.7 there should be a mapping connector in the advanced view that that is simply called turbo or rapid fire that you just drop in and adjust as needed.
Nick van de Wall's Avatar
Nick van de Wall replied the topic: #3 5 days 11 hours ago
Hey I know this isn't the place but can you help me or put a guide somewhere to create a simple 'turbo' macro,
just a simple oldschool button mashing one, haven't been able to create one that works myself