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Some of you may be aware that earlier this year my mother went through some very serious health issues involving several brain aneurysms and a severe stroke in January.

Despite the severity of the stroke my mother survived and had been showing improvement all year in regards to getting her strength back to the point where she was starting to walk short distances with a walker.

However for reasons we are not completely sure of yet, she was found unresponsive and without a pulse on the morning of the 14th of Dec. She was taken to the hospital where they were able to restart her heart after another 3 arrests. After deliberation it was decided that in keeping with her living will that we let her rest. My mother passed away Dec 15 at 4:30am.

My family is still in complete shock and I ask for your best wishes but also that you allow us our privacy throughout this.

I also hate to ask this because a part of me feels it is an abuse of my platform, but another part of me really doesn’t care right now, but my family could use help in dealing with her final expenses as the nearly year long battle with her condition has left us all a bit tapped for such a sudden expense. I rarely mix personal issues and this project, but In this case I am hoping you wont mind.
I have set up a Fundly at Ive never done one of these so hopefully I set it up correctly.

I will let you guys know when I return to the project, but for now I need to be with my family.

Thank you.
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errerer's Avatar
errerer replied the topic: #1 3 months 1 week ago
zack's Avatar
zack replied the topic: #2 5 months 1 day ago
Hey friend, Two things. First is I want to send my condolences, I experienced something similar with my fathers sudden passing and was left alone to deal with his expenses. Death alone is extremely heavy, with the added pressures of finances it can almost seem like the world is caving in. Second, I went to check out your Fundly, and couldn't find your mothers specific page. realizing that I'm close to 45 days late maybe that's the reason. In any case, be strong friend! here's hoping you go the financial help from this big community.