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I attempted to make a check-in video this morning as for the first time in a couple months, there is news to report. Alas Windows 10 AU seems to have made a complete mess of my codecs and recording capabilities. All recordings came out corrupted... Therefore I will just post a blog.

Work continues on the IM 1.5.32 patch, thought with changes being made to both the UI and to core, I have considered changing its version to 1.6. As can be seen in previous blogs the UI is sleeker and the application itself lighter and faster.

While a lighter and faster IM is great for everybody, I understand there is a large group who only want/need the most basic of features. For that reason I have begun parallel work on a new IM that will be developed and distributed separately. The new IM will be called InputMapper Lite.

It won't have any of the bells or whistles of other IM versions, it won't even have any settings or an application window. What it will do using an extremely small footprint, map DS4 controllers to 360 ones at low latency with minimal user interaction or interference needed.

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Wobbles's Avatar
Wobbles replied the topic: #1 4 years 2 months ago
Woke up with an idea to squeeze a tiny bit more performance out of the byte operations that handle the hardware data in the new hardware library I am writing. Initial benchmarks are promising. Both input and output reports are now working fantastically in the new hardware library which is good news because after polishing a few portions of it off all that will be left is to finish incorporating it into IM Lite, IM 1.6 and IM 2.0. And with this library part of IM 2.0, its not just Dualshock 4's that will benefit, all HID devices will get a performance boost and plugin developers will get the ability to interface with any HID device with only a couple lines of code.

IM Lite is still me test bed application for this new library as its skeleton design makes it perfect to debug the library ads see its true performance. IM Lite could very well be released in the next couple weeks, with IM 1.6 hopefully before the holidays (re designing the macro UI will be the most time consuming).
wirenut48's Avatar
wirenut48 replied the topic: #2 4 years 2 months ago
Wow, sounds like it's coming along nicely with some big improvements, well done.
Wobbles's Avatar
Wobbles replied the topic: #3 4 years 2 months ago
Big leap in IM Lite and IM 1.6 made this morning, the hardware library is now interfacing and getting all the needed data from connected controllers. This library makes it easy to interface with connected devices of all kind and will make future development much easier. There is also a fallback for non Broadcom/Widcomm compatible BT dongles that will hopefully make compatibility universal so long as the dongle still meets Sony's minimum requirements.