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Short answer; absolutely nothing. Ill elaborate:

Sony has announced the release of an "official" wireless dongle for the Sony Dualshock 4. Many people are completely misreading this and what it means and getting it completely wrong. Ill try to elaborate what this dongle is, what it means to us, and who really needs it.

Most of you who use the DS4 may be aware that there are some games that already support native DS4 inputs complete with button prompts and all, though the number of these games are extremely limited. These games however only work via wired because they access the DS4 via the DirectX or UWP controller input libraries which do not support Bluetooth. This is also the case for the also mentioned release of Sony Remote Play. This adapter is meant to extend these games built in functionality to the DS4 wirelessly by exposing this controller to these libraries.

This has nothing to do with IM, what we do, or what additional games will work with the DS4 as this still does not address the core issue that exists with these controllers that IM was created to address; and that is the fact that the massive majority of games only support XInput API and the Dualshock 4 is a Direct Input device.

Sony will never release "drivers" because for one simple fact; Direct Input drivers already exist and have existed since about 1995. DI (DirectInput) standard is nothing new and prior to XInput coming into play was the de-facto-standard for ALL gaming devices. Fact is that the only real reason that DI still exists is that XInputs cookie cutter approach to game devices does not work for devices that have more controls or functionality than a 360 controller. Devices like HOTAS that have huge amounts of buttons and axes cannot be whittled down to a 360 controller. For this reason the DS4 cannot be whittled down into a 360 controller as it has additional channels such as Accelerometers, Gyros, Lightbar, Touchpad. Even if Sony WERE to create a driver that made their device appear as a XInput device, all game prompts would still show as "A,B,X,Y" and all references to the controller would be as a Xbox Controller... Do you really think Sony would be ok with that? Really?

So... Can IM take advantage of any of this?

Possibly. Depending on how the adapter actually exposes the device, it is possible that we can release a separate mapping tool that is meant to work with users who have this device to simplify the application and make some of the code less "hackish". A direct API access to stuff like the lightbar and touchpad without the need to decode HID data packets could streamline the app somewhat behind the scenes. And there is the SLIGHT possibility that if this does expose the audio jack, that we can route Windows audio there to make it work for all games.

Be warned though, from what I have seen so far each dongle only supports 1 controller.

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