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I know i've been dangeling a lot of features that are coming to IM 1.6, and heres a few more.

As of this morning I have finished coding support for the Dualshock 3 into the MyShock API that will be the new hardware middleman for IM 1.6. This means that IM 1.6 will have support for all the various DS4 configurations as well as the Dualshock 3 USB.

But I dont see any reason to stop there, though its never really been the goal for the IM 1 software to support other devices, this new API makes it easy enough for me to do so. So I will be adding Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam controller support as well (as I get my hands on those devices).

Supporting a lot of input devices is only half the program though, I also want to be able to make use of various device emulation tools as well. So in future versions of IM the concept of a direct relationship with IM and SCPvb will be broken and in its place will be the option for the user to select their output driver. That means users will be able to choose the legacy SCPvb drivers, the newer but not as compatible SCPvb2, or for Windows 10 users the ViGem drivers which also support Dualshock 4 emulation!

Right now my first step is to implement the new MyShock API into IM 1.6, but there is so much code to re-write in IM to get this API to fit nicely that I think it may be even easier to just start from scratch and bring code over from the IM 1.6.10 build as needed. This of course is probibly going to mean all new bugs once IM 1.6.11 releases but most of you usually do a good job reporting them and help me shake those out, in the end because of the compartmentalization and API methodology I am taking the end result should be a more stable, future proof, and easily update-able IM.

At the heart of the method to make more controllers compatible will be the generalization of controller channel nomenclature to the following:

IM Control name 360/XB1 DS3/DS4 Steam Ouya
RX RX RX Right Pad X RX
RY RY RY Right Pad Y RY
DPad Up DPad Up DPad Up Left Pad Up DPad Up
DPad Down DPad Down DPad Down Left Pad Down DPad Down
DPad Left DPad Left DPad Left Left Pad Left DPad Left
DPad Right DPad Right DPad Right Left Pad Right DPad Right
Face Button 1 A Cross A O
Face Button 2 B Circle B A
Face Button 3 X Square X U
Face Button 4 Y Triangle Y Y
System Button 1 Back Share Back Pad Swipe Left
System Button 2 Start Options Forward Pad Swipe Right
Left Trigger Left Trigger L2 Left Trigger Left Trigger
Right Trigger Right Trigger R2 Right Trigger Right Trigger
Left Bumper Left Bumper L1 Left Bumper Left Bumper
Right Bumper Right Bumper R1 Right Bumper Right Bumper
Left Stick Click Left Stick L3 Left Stick Click Left Stick Click
Right Stick Click Right Stick R3 Right Pad Press Right Stick Click
Home Button XBox button PS Button Steam Button Ouya Button
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NES's Avatar
NES replied the topic: #1 4 years 2 months ago

Wobbles wrote: The nav controller would have to be written in, meaning I have to get my hands on one.

Should be there Monday.
Wobbles's Avatar
Wobbles replied the topic: #2 4 years 2 months ago
The nav controller would have to be written in, meaning I have to get my hands on one. Each devices HID packets are slightly different and make universal acceptance impossible. But once I have on in hand, if its a DI device and is supported by Benjamins FireShock driver (opening up HID communication) then yes.
NES's Avatar
NES replied the topic: #3 4 years 2 months ago
I've been using Input Mapper for a couple years now I think. I use it a lot and it was well past time I sign up and donate. Thanks for the great tool and continued development.

I'm looking forward to PS3 controller support. That should make using the Nav controller possible right? Would love to play some old school RPG's one-handed.
Moskeeto's Avatar
Moskeeto replied the topic: #4 4 years 2 months ago
That's awesome. It's great for the select few games that support DS4 natively but only when connected through USB. Arkham Knight is one example I can think of off the top of my head.
Wobbles's Avatar
Wobbles replied the topic: #5 4 years 2 months ago
Things are coming right along, I now have a working build where I can take a Dualshock 4, OUYA, or Dualshock 3 controller and IM can turn it into a 360 or USB Dualshock 4.

The USB Dualshock 4 output is great because it means that Sony Remote Play users can use their DS4 wireless!
shinitaru's Avatar
shinitaru replied the topic: #6 4 years 2 months ago
Yes! Steam Controller please!