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I don't usually send holiday wishes because IM is comprised of such a diverse group of users of diverse backgrounds, religions and beliefs, that it is easy to inadvertently leave someone out; But letting you all know what I am thankful for is something that I can do regardless of where you may all come from.

I am thankful for all of you who have supported this project thus far either through donation, publicity, word of mouth, or even just being active in the community. IM has users from 195 countries around the world, many of which I couldn't point to on a globe if you paid me to. Nonetheless you have come together and made the IM project something that I am proud of and continue to enjoy working on. With your support IM has reached almost 3 million unique downloads since I have started tracking such information and our site sees as much as 1.4 million visitors viewing 17 million pages using up about 3tb of bandwidth a month. The site and upkeep it requires exceeds 99% of the corporate level contracts that make up my day job. And while IM is structured to be self sustaining with ads offsetting the hefty bills that such a project needs, the IM community has still donated in excess of $25 thousand dollars since the start of tracked donations.

So again, I am thankful to the IM community for such support over the years and I continue to look forward to what this project will become.

Happy Holidays to all of you regardless of race or religion!

-Josh Wobbles
IM Developer

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threedaysatsea's Avatar
threedaysatsea replied the topic: #1 4 years 1 month ago
Thanks; you too! Been an IM user for about a year and a half. Been great, and we appreciate your work.