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Recommend Windows 10 users DISABLE automatic update:

Getting a lot of reports that Microsoft Creators update has broken Inputmapper 1.6 from functioning at all. I have not tested yet as Microsoft has not publically pushed it as an update yet but I would avoid it until we figure out what is going on. For those who have already updated early I have been told that InputMapper1.7 works so long as you DO NOT INSTALL HidGuardian (Do a custom install and un-check it). More to come once the update is pushed publically and I have had a chance to test.

How to disable automatic updates:

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Spookyy's Avatar
Spookyy replied the topic: #1 3 years 7 months ago
I'm using the new creators update (connect via usb) and it seems to work OK other then the Idle Disconnect option.
zapoqx's Avatar
zapoqx replied the topic: #2 3 years 7 months ago
I wasn't sure what support would I need to put in which is why I don't do support until I know more of whats going on or am at a complete loss. It doesn't help if I have "Controller won't connect, help" without the reason behind it :)
Also, to #2, so the "default" doesn't have an output driver? Interesting. Now that makes alot of sense. Made a profile and set the device interface. I'll be testing later though in games.

Edit: Ya, it works. But still, "[Default]" has no output driver and no way to set an output?
Wobbles's Avatar
Wobbles replied the topic: #3 3 years 7 months ago
1 use out support section for support, 2 make sure you select an output driver (scpvbd) in the profile
zapoqx's Avatar
zapoqx replied the topic: #4 3 years 7 months ago
Well I did the custom to not install hidguardian. But for some reason, I keep losing out on exclusivity each windows start and I don't know where else at this point. At first, I tried the remove of the bluetooth pairing and cleared it. That fixed it. The next time, I tried removing the bluetooth adapter alltogether. That fixed. Now, I don't have anything bluetooth related and am now told that I don't have exclusivity. That said, when playing in Brawlhalla (which is what I use for my basic testing), I found it won't connect as 360 controller and I have zero control. Turning off inputmapper seems to fix it, but Brawlhalla has PS4 controller support so it means I'm not going to be able to use it as 360 controller in games that don't support ps4 controller.

Also, those getting it that aren't insiders are probably doing like what I did. I went to the site to use the media creation tool to update to the new version. Unfortunately after a small situation, I had to do it a little earlier anyways because of my job so being on WIndows 10 Creators Update isn't an optional thing for me any further.

Edit: Well I figured that one out. It seems that my Logitech driver was blocking the exclusivity it seems. Still, main problem is that double checking in the devices, I do not see an x360 controller at all which I am used to seeing. I am guessing this might be what is reading the "keyboard mouse" aspect in inputmapper 1.7 is my Logitech keyboard (or mouse)
Chris Micallef's Avatar
Chris Micallef replied the topic: #5 3 years 7 months ago
Hi, In new creator update input mapper is working but once I start msi afterburner and in a game switch from full screen to desktop it kills input mapper