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InputMapper 1.6

Currently the most widely used version of InputMapper considered feature complete, however is being phased out in favor of InputMapper 1.7 which is more modern and stable and has less issues with Windows 10 and exclusive mode.

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InputMapper 1.7

The most up to date branch of the InputMapper project. Features expanded support for even more input and output devices, better HidGuardian integration, more modern virtual game pad drivers using ViGEm, and much more.

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I make my final valiant attempt to explain the differences between latency, data rate, and what IM measures and how it is/is not useful to users. I also get to showcase the new Macro Studio that I am very excited about that now has the ability to record!

Just a brief overview and breakdown of the differences between wireless Bluetooth dongles and the new Sony Wireless Adapter.

The new Sony Dualshock 4's have started showing up for individual sale on Amazon. Though no major changes that warrant tossing your existing Dualshock 4's, they are worth a look for future purchases.

I have received a donated wireless DS4 adapter and have fixed the audio bug, though the exclusive mode bug still eludes me. I also have made some good progress on the new Macro UI and demo some of that.

If the spike in donations are any indication, the IM 1.6 launch has been very well received. It has had a few bugs and set backs but as we get into the 1.6.5 patches, things are starting to smooth out and I am turning my attention back to adding features and fulfilling requests.