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Our server will be getting PHP and Apache updates today, expect outages and errors while this takes place.

Paypal seems to be having some issues with their notification system, which means accounts are not getting auto upgraded and the donation counter is stuck. If you donated and did not get your account upgrade please create a support ticket ( including your paypal email address and approximate date/time of donation and I will manually upgrade any accounts affected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some tweaks to macros make it possible for me to finally start filling out more triggers and commands, and some long awaited documentation makes it possible for those interested in playing around with c# to do the same!

First example of the new macro system, seems functioning so far but will keep an eye out for bugs. Now I need to create a bunch of triggers and commands that can be used in macros to make the system fully operational!

Also, there was a bug found in recent versions of the DirectInput device plugin that causes mouse to hitch, if you have noticed this when using the IM nightly build then disable this plugin and it should work fine again.

I discuss the most recent nightly build which is probibly one of the most stable and useable builds of 1.7 yet.