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Adding keyboard macros with the ability to record directly from input including timing. Bug found in mapping connectors fro kb/m mappings, fix coming this week. The beta website's donation system is in place and ready, donations made on the new site will update the accounts on the new site.

Magic-NS Dongle:
Official Sony Wireless Adapter:

IMG 20181028 111959 2New toy to test possible incorporation to IM just arrived, the Magic-NS! This little gadget I got off Amazon can expose your DS3 and Nintendo Switch controllers to your PC and early testing shows it does so over normal HID meaning integration into IM 1.7 is as simple as writting the plugin. This possibly also means 3rd party PS4 controllers and pro controllers will also be compatible!

Purchase one from our Amazon affiliate link here:

More news on this to come in Tuesdays check-in!

Functionality is near complete for mapping connectors, UI is MUCH cleaner while simultaneously now being able to support more options when mapping. Some final UI polishing is needed as well as re-adding all the previous mapping functionality back in as connectors then I will be sending it out for testing!