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Sorry for the delay and some of the shortcomings of this video. Switched to Vegas Pro from Premiere Pro and that was a mistake. Also will add a dead cat (its a real term, don't get PETA on my ass) to cut some of the noise from the apparent breeze in the room?

After some responses to last weeks video saying that with W10 fully up to date they had no exclusive mode issues I am once again at a complete loss as to the culprit, it could be Origin but I'm not in a position to test that theory.

The on screen keyboard continues to make progress and have new features added to it.

Please be sure to use our bug reporting system on our website if you have any issues with the software. All versions obviously work for me locally before I release them so if there is an issue that isn't apparent until you guys use it then it wont get fixed if I dont know about it.

Sony Wireless Adapter: http://amzn.to/2mRjB5E

Microsoft looks to have found a way to break exclusive mode again...

The current build while still incomplete in many areas, seems stable enough for public build so I released a new alpha. This includes the starting foundation for the keyboard and mouse input device as well as the new on screen keyboard. Both are still under development but I would like to hear feedback on them so far. Be sure to follow our new bug and feature request section for upcoming features and to report bugs and request your own features at https://inputmapper.com/support?view=bugs

A quick demo of a functioning on screen keyboard coming to InputMapper that is specifically designed for controller input!

Super long episode today to make of for lost time, trying to make sure I finish 3 by the time Andromeda releases.