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A quick demo of a functioning on screen keyboard coming to InputMapper that is specifically designed for controller input!

Super long episode today to make of for lost time, trying to make sure I finish 3 by the time Andromeda releases.

Thanks everybody for the donations over the last week, together we raised $136.74 (€125.48) for nefarius!

This morning I show off the progress in regards to using the Keyboard and mouse as a input device in InputMapper making KB/M to controller support possible.

There is a new support section on the website for support/bugs, please use this for all future issues: https://inputmapper.com/support

InputMapper 1.7.6261 alpha is available for testing. There are some upgrades and some bugs so please read this article.

Starting from the time of this video publication, all donations received between now and next Tuesday when I make the next video will be earmarked and send to Benjamin Höglinger aka nefarius to aid in his development for the drivers that he is writing that InputMapper take advantage of.

To donate visit: https://inputmapper.com/donate
Or support his Patreon directly: https://www.patreon.com/nefarius