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Very good software, still a bit buggy to load on Windows 10. It's a life saver for games, cheers for the commitment. The add system is very clever, and I'm happily paying 2.00USD for all your commitment and spent time. Cheers <3
Keith Smith
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Short video this week, been working on adding multi-lingual support to InputMapper and it will be part of the next 1.7a release.
Also working on including some default lightbar profiles to start off with.

InputMapper 1.7 alpha is available for testing.

This notice was just received, it will effect InputMapper website and application<->server communications.

Hello Joshua,

You are receiving this message because you are a valued customer of InMotion Hosting.

We are excited to announce our network engineering team will be performing maintenance to our West Coast data center during the late evening hours of January 18th & January 19th.

These upgrades are expected to enhance the performance and security of our network, as well as increase overall redundancy. To ensure the least impact on your services, all maintenance will be performed between 11 PM and 4 AM PST. We are not expecting more than 10 minutes of degraded service during the maintenance, but we did want to inform you of the work being performed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to bring enhancements to our network and improve your web hosting experience.

Thanks, InMotion Hosting

Galactic hero/errand boy.

Here it is, finally demonstrating the new Lightbar functionality. I show off mapping the lightbar to a control or batter, or animating it over time.
I also discuss the release of this new version of InputMapper.