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Issues with the way Microsoft implements databinding and datacontext forced a unplanned re-design of the channel selection control. Figuring the best way to select items from a list would be Microsoft's very own list box with multi-selection turned on. Unfortunately though, for whatever reason, while Microsoft provides a .net control for multi selection, they offer no way to bind to the selection in a MVVM enviornment. Thanks M$... So I made my own, and after some hurdles it seems to be working well.

Some additional mapping options related to deadzone in progress as well as options to trigger a mapping depending on length of button press are on the way. Don't worry, mapping is starting to look scary and confusing but the UI will get more polish and there will be a lengthy tutorial video once things have solidified a bit more, in addition I have made sure that the default mapping options work out of the box needing no more user input than the source and destination channels to keep it simple.

More features have been added to the DualShock 4 plugin, making IM 1.7 almost feature complete for standard DS4 usage. Feedback, trackpad to mouse, audio volume all seem to be properly working.