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InputMapper 1.6

Currently the most widely used version of InputMapper considered feature complete, however is being phased out in favor of InputMapper 1.7 which is more modern and stable and has less issues with Windows 10 and exclusive mode.

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InputMapper 1.7

The most up to date branch of the InputMapper project. Features expanded support for even more input and output devices, better HidGuardian integration, more modern virtual game pad drivers using ViGEm, and much more.

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Things have been busy lately and I have been running around alot and unable to sit down and film a proper check-in, but I have been bringing my laptop along and have been making progress.

Access to the new InputMapper website is now open to the public. Any users interested in remaining active in the IM community are encouraged to goto and sign up. Users who have a current IM account with ads removed due to a donation should create an account on the new site during this beta period and access the "Account Migration" option from the main menu of the new site to keep donor status.


Good morning everyone, no video this week as allergies have gone to kicking my ass again so I am a mess. Despite that I have made a great deal of progress on the new beta website.