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Demo of some of the new functionality you can expect from InputMapper when adjusting your stick and axes configuration, including independent control of positive and negitive side of the axis.

Thought I'd take a moment to outline some of the changes that are in the works for IM 1.6. Some I have hinted to and even shown off some parts of, others are completely new endeavors.

In Steam's recent developer conference, they announced the addition of support of new controllers to the Steam API, one of which being the Dualshock 4. As usual though the hype train took off before people stopped to read the destination.

I make my final valiant attempt to explain the differences between latency, data rate, and what IM measures and how it is/is not useful to users. I also get to showcase the new Macro Studio that I am very excited about that now has the ability to record!

Just a brief overview and breakdown of the differences between wireless Bluetooth dongles and the new Sony Wireless Adapter.