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  • (Advanced) Sound Effects in Macros

    Here we edit a profile directly to add a powershell script that will allow us to play a wav file whenever we switch macros.

  • Check In: Nov 1 2016 (Steam beta screws up IM and Complete IM rewrite underway)

    If you are a Steam beta user watch out, the latest beta only ads partial support for the DS4 but completely breaks IM's ability to use it exclusively.

    InputMapper 1.6.11 complete ground up rewrite is going smooth and actually better than I could have hoped. Expect to start seeing it and Dualshock 3 support shortly!

  • Check In: Oct 11 2016 (WTF IS LATENCY ANYWAY! And Macro Studio showcase)

    I make my final valiant attempt to explain the differences between latency, data rate, and what IM measures and how it is/is not useful to users. I also get to showcase the new Macro Studio that I am very excited about that now has the ability to record!

  • Check In: Oct 18 2016 (New functionality for sticks and axes)

    Demo of some of the new functionality you can expect from InputMapper when adjusting your stick and axes configuration, including independent control of positive and negitive side of the axis.

  • Check In: Oct 25 2016 (New Dualshock API almost complete)

    Quick discussion and demonstration showing off the Dualshock API that will help with the upgrades that IM is undergoing from the hardware interaction side

  • Check In: Oct 4 2016 (Sony dongle bug fixes, New macro UI)

    I have received a donated wireless DS4 adapter and have fixed the audio bug, though the exclusive mode bug still eludes me. I also have made some good progress on the new Macro UI and demo some of that.

  • Check In: Sept 20 2016 (Sony Dongle and DS4v2 support added)

    Getting over the flu so not nearly as much progress as I had hoped. But 2 good things that I was able to accomplish was to include support for both the Dualshock 4 version 2 controller that is shipping with PS4 Slims, and the new Sony Dualshock 4 wireless adapter. I have also confirmed the the DS4 wireless adapter exposes the audio port on the DS4 to windows as a normal audio device, meaning yes, you can finally use your headset on your DS4 with PC.


  • Check In: Sept 27 2016 (First IM 1.6 release so close you can smell it)

    Almost there! IM 1.6 is running great and impresses even me, only thing holding me back from releasing it right now is the user account system still needing a tad more work to upgrade it to the new specs that IM 2 will also use. Expect IM 1.6 release today or tomorrow.

  • Intro to Macros

  • Macro Trigger States

    Here we talk about what the different colors mean for macro triggers.

  • Using Macros to Create Shift Modifiers

    Here we demonstrate the usefulness of the trigger states to create shift modifiers to expand the number of usable controls on the Dualshock 4.

  • Using Macros to Cycle Profiles

    Here we will create a macro that allows us to cycle through a list of profiles.