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InputMapper 1.7 (Beta) InputMapper 1.7 (Beta) HOT
(96 votes)

This download is a nightly build. It is likely extremely buggy, most definately incomplete, and has a pretty good chance of being difficult to run.

Plugins folder must be copied to %appdata%/InputMapper/Plugins

ViGEm plugin does not include ViGEm driver. ViGEm driver must be properly installed and configured for this plugin to work.
Only ViGEm is supported in 1.7.6410 and older, for 1.7.6589 use ViGEm 1.14.



1.7.6772.19922 (2018-07-17 08:06:30)

  • Adapted DeviceWrapper and Profile classes to use new class and property based settings structure



1.7.6729.33694 (2018-06-04 15:51:13)

  • OAuth2 implemented, see checkin 6.5.2018 for details
  • color picker bug addressed
  • file picker setting updated to have browse button
  • custome action added for launching applications (macros and custome events)
  • user menu updated
  • Return of the home screen showing device statuses
  • device list now in status bar of app
  • account menu options now direct to beta website (except donate)
  • Started work on adding lightbar settings to profile, not user accessable yet though
  • other various bug fixes



1.7.6702.22624 (2018-05-08 09:36:27)

  • debug dump modified to work with new objects used
  • News updated to utilize new beta site API
  • Paypal status updated to utilize new beta site API
  • !!!Login system remains legacy and not tied to beta site while I continue to investigate and test best way to implement OAuth 2.0 API.



1.7.6640.13696 (2018-03-07 04:37:51)

  • Fixed black window bug



1.7.6637.9905 (2018-03-04 02:32:18)

  • Relocated global event OnLoaded event to the completion of the UI loading and not just the framework. Will fix UI related events (minimizing).



1.7.6636.11569 (2018-03-03 03:27:15)

  • Fixed bug where a access denied fatal exception could be thrown if app watcher tries to read if a secure process has already exited



1.7.6635.23024 (2018-03-02 09:54:40)

  • Attempt to fix fatal crashes caused by app detector



1.7.6634.29706 (2018-03-01 13:36:19)

  • Fixed bug with CDN servers over caching nightly builds



1.7.6634.29706 (2018-03-01 13:31:06)

  • Fixed bug with CDN servers over caching nightly builds



1.7.6633.32825 (2018-02-28 15:18:19)

  • Changed app startup sequence
  • removed un-needed tabs from app sensing section
  • added window title to app history dropdown
  • changed app icon to cover art for games in app history dropdown
  • addeds global device arrival and removed events for command customization.



1.7.6632.16106 (2018-02-27 05:57:21)

  • Small bug in IFTTT webhook command fixed


1.7.6632.14692 (2018-02-27 05:21:55)

  • Application detection polished
  • Improved error handling for protected processes when using app detection
  • Implemented IM command Interface for application events and macros
  • App profile and overrides now share a tab
  • App detection events now operational
  • defaulted all apps to ignore window title changes unless specifically overridden
  • added a couple basic commands for use
  • IM now has ability to assign commands to the launch and exit of IM itself

1.7.6612.19795 (2018-02-07 08:03:55)

  • Added detection and automatic override creation for applications that abuse the windows Title property, such as ones that show FPS counters
  • Other Various bug fixes

1.7.6605.20908 (2018-01-31 08:43:29)

  • Added theme values to more controls in app
  • UI Tweaks

1.7.6601.15726 (2018-01-27 05:46:24)

  • Login info now stored between sessions
  • 360 Controller emulation triggers reversal fixed
  • Application detection override implemented (beta)
  • various other bug fixes

1.7.6589.25627 (2018-01-16 05:59:27)

  • Added Icon Font to package
  • Fixed bug in x360 device using ViGEm

1.7.6589.25627 (2018-01-15 14:04:57)

  • Updated to support ViGEm 1.14 (Requires seperate install, see benjamins Git for details)
  • Alpha implementation of new app detection and game lookup
  • Theme settings

1.7.6410.28858 (2017-07-20 13:04:51)

  • Added basic visual template editing to settings.
  • user acount auto login is temporarily broken.

1.7.6408.21346 (2017-07-18 08:52:39)

  • Banner link url bugfix.

1.7.6408.21034 (2017-07-18 08:46:18)

  • Updates to device channel names and icons.
  • Updates to banner control.

1.7.6404.14352 (2017-07-14 05:04:24)

  • Implemented new channel selector control to destination channel property for mapping overrides.

1.7.6403.32682 (2017-07-13 15:27:13)

  • Updated Channel selection dropdown for mapping overrides.

1.7.6400.21825 (2017-07-10 09:16:26)

  • Performance boost to channel mixing.
  • Edit mapping override added.
  • UI tweaks to mapping override setting and dialogs.
  • Bug fixes to application startup with controllers already present.

1.7.6398.23200 (2017-07-08 09:55:21)

  • Multi source channel mapping implemented and channel mixing

1.7.6390.19575 (2017-06-30 07:53:23)

  • Primitive mapping added.


  • Fixed XInput high CPU ussage.
  • Transitiond to a new method of creating and communicating device states.
  • Created several generic device state interfaces.


  • Added XInput plugin for using XInput devices for input.


  • Fixed crash when emultating DS4. Fixed x360 Dpad mismapping.


Language English
Created byWobbles
Changed byWobbles