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Hardware Requirements

Q: What do I need to use the DS4 wirelessly?

A: A Broadcom chipset Bluetooth 4.0 dongle is suggested, though others have hit or miss success, http://amzn.to/25fhRai has been known to be the most successful with the lowest latency.

Accounts, Donations and Permissions

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to donate?

A: No, when taken to the PayPal donation page where it asks you to log into a PayPal account, to the left of the login box will be a link labeled "Don't have a PayPal account?" and it will allow you to donate using debit, credit or bank account. 

Q: Do I need to donate to use?

A: No donation is required, the ad contained inside the software is balanced to provide all the revenue we need to keep the project alive, donations are only a form of alternate income to allow the project to continue but also allow the user to not have to see ads.

Q: Do I need to register an account to download or use?

A: Not for standard use, accounts are recommended however so you can join our forum community for help or support. If you wish to remove ads through donation however an account is required so we can remove ads from it. An account is also needed if you desire to become a developer or a part of the team in another way.

Q: I donated, where do I download the ad free version?

A: There is no separate version for donors, simply log into the software you already have in the upper right menu and your ads will be removed at the next launch.

Q: How long does it take for ads to be removed from my account?

A: The upgrade process is automatic and as soon as your donation clears Paypal (instant in most cases) your account is automatically upgraded, logging out then back in may be required to refresh your status. However like any other account management system, there is always the possibility of hiccups, if you donated and ads did not get removed contact us through our forum.

Q: I donated back when the project was DS4Windows or DS4Tool and now have ads again with the re-branding. Must I donate again?

A: Absolutely not, we said ads would be removed forever and we meant it, this is only the result of the server and site migration not taking all the account info properly. Just contact us through the forum.

Q: You guys make a lot more than goal for donations, where does it all go?

A: First and foremost it goes to server bills which thanks to the millions of hits we get monthly are quite high, after that we use some to purchase hardware for testing/development. We also occasionally hire 3rd party developers. There is also a fund that is being built to get us a booth in an upcoming convention once IM 2.0 is ready. And of course you occasionally buy the developer a beer, cheers!

Q: I've seen a few people with tags that say "Elite Donor", what does this mean?

A: Its nothing official, nor do they enjoy any access beyond normal donors, its just our way for recognizing donors that have gone above and beyond the call. Any donor that has given a total $25 or more will receive this status.

Q: How can I become a plugin developer for IM 2.0?

A: Simply contact me through the forum and I will get you upgraded!

Q: The site says I do not have permission to download, what gives?

A: You are trying to access files that are intended for developer or historical purposes only. The current line of development, InputMapper, does not require any permissions to download.

Q: Does IM collect or share any of my personal information?

A: No, IM accounts created on this site are solely for the purposes of forum use and managing premium donor accounts. IM does not share personal information of any kind with any 3rd party entities. Furthermore IM takes every precaution to protect your information by utilizing blacklisting and integrity checks for suspicious users at the CDN level as well as using full time SSL for all website communications. IM's Privacy Policy can be viewed here: https://inputmapper.com/privacy-policy.

Application Permissions and Access

Q: X browser says the download is un-trusted / possibly malicious, are you trying to infect me?

A: Absolutely not, unfortunately however in today's day and age these warnings are needed as a first line of defense for unknowing users downloading and installing random files off the internet, we could remove this message by applying for a digital signature which marks our download as trusted, but this comes at a hefty cost and the project hasn't quite advanced to that level yet.

Q: I see ads and or read mentions of ads, are you sure you aren't trying infect me?

A: We have one in application ad that we manage internally to ensure it is relevant and non intrusive. This ad is in the application itself and not part of any 3rd party adware or network nor does it display anywhere other than in the bottom of the application. The purpose of this ad is to help offset the costs of this server (which is quite high thanks to our popularity) and to help pay for future development and expansion.

Q: The application asks for special permissions during installation... Why?

A: This tool is possible through the use of a virtual bus, that is to say a USB port that we tell your computer is there, but actually isn't. For this we need to install a custom driver known as Scarlet Crush Virtual Bus Driver, or SCVBD for short.

Q: Will IM get me banned if I use it online?

A: At the time of this FAQ, IM does not violate any game EULAs or TOSs for online play, meaning the tool in itself in its default form will not get you banned. But the macro capabilities of IM are extensive and may provide users with an unfair advantage (such as semi-automatic fire rate macros) and this use may be frowned upon and could lead to bans. It is up to the end user to ensure they use this application in a manner that is compliant with the games guidelines.


Q: My DS4 shows up in windows and the inputs work in Windows Controller Properties (joy.cpl) but it does not show up in InputMapper

A: This is typically caused by the SCP drivers not being installed properly. You can either reinstall IM completely to get the SCP driver to re-install, or you can browse to the SCP utility in the IM program folder and manually install from there.

Q: The emulated 360 controller is showing up as controller 2 in XInput

A: This is caused by extra ghosts of hardware that no longer exists lingering around. Use your device manager to remove all instances of 360 controllers then restart. Can also be caused by Nvidia's Shadow Play, this will need to be disabled.

Q: I am getting double input in games, or the buttons are not mapped correctly, or my character keeps spinning.

A: This is typically caused by exclusive mode not being enabled or not taking properly on connection, this can be verified in your log. Some games will not work properly without exclusive mode. A in progress list is being built of such games and can be found here.

Q: My game is not detecting input from DS4 at all

A: Make sure IM is detecting the controller, if not see above. This game may not be compatible, see the compatibility list here for more info or ask in the forums.


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