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Emulating steering wheels instead Xinput devices

3 years 7 months ago #11 by Elissit
That's pretty awesome how you can use any steering wheel but the wheel I do have is utter garbage... it has no force feedback and feels looser than your average Toyota.

Another game I recently tested was The Crew (PC) and it was the same as Motorsport 6, the rumble on the DS4 just sucks compared to the original xbox one controller. It seems and makes sense for modern games to be able to detect which controller you have, the xbox one or the 360 (emulated or not), and adapt the vibration/rumble accordingly. This really hurts the usage of the DS4 in PC racing games imo. The "force feedback" you feel through the xbox one controller's vibrations are incredibly helpful.

Aside from racing games, FPS games will probably also be affected by this.

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