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DS4 Wireless (Bluetooth or Official Sony USB Adapter)

1 year 6 months ago #1 by Ian
I'm thoroughly confused about the state of play of DS4 controllers and Windows 10 at present. I just finished playing through Salt and Sanctuary a couple of months ago using DS4Windows no problems. Came to play a new game today, and cannot get my controller to connect for love or money. Came across your software, saying that DS4Windows is now deprecated/outdated and so on, so gave it a whirl. I admit, I'm not entirely sure how to use it... but from my digging I also came up empty handed and have no working controller now. I really don't know what changed from two months ago when I was happily using them on my PC.

Do I really need to go and buy one of the official Sony USB Adapters to use them now, they are essentially non-existent here in Australia? If not, where do I even begin trouble-shooting the problem. I've had a mix of results:

1) No connection at all, even in Windows.
2) Connection in Windows, then disconnected moments later.
3) Connection in Windows, shows up in Input Mapper.
3a) Get some messages about exclusive mode issues, follow some instructions, run a tool and then I can connect it in Input Mapper.
3b) No input recognized by any game, and generally disconnects moments later. Then I can't connect it again.

Just kind of fed up wasting time on this, as Bluetooth seems pretty much a black box and I can't get any messages/errors from my PC as to why the controller isn't showing up. Should I ditch the DS4's? Are they usable via some other means?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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1 year 6 months ago #2 by Wobbles
If you were using another tool, odds are you did not fully remove all of its components prior to trying IM, some other ones install special drivers for BT and or USB hubs that make the controller invisible to IM (and windows) as IM is meant for use with a "from fresh" start that hasnt been effected by other utilities modifications.

IM works (assuming the above has been taken into consideration) with BT/USB/and sony dongle. The sony dongle is definitely the preferred way to use, but BT will work for most users as long as it is broadcom/wiacomm compatible and using the OEM or generic drivers.

If you open a ticket making sure to include the logs indicated in the ticket system ill look closer.

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