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Latency graph NOT pointless

3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #1 by Baaron
Seems like I have spoken too soon about 1.5.3, this morning after waking up my PC - the latency issue persists, firstly it's horrible lag, secondly since I have 1.5.3 I can clearly see it with the spec analyzer that was removed in 1.6, and I suggest you at least give us an option to enable or disable it, the difference it made was tremendous, it was telling us whether it was GPU/CPU lagging, or if its the input dev lagging, I am spending 30% of my CPU on my VPN, so I couldn't care less if 10% is spent monitoring signal ping, trust me its important and useful information, and give us an option to enable it at least.

Quick pre-post update - I connected the controller over USB, then back to bluetooth, and my bluetooth ping has fallen to steady 2-3 ms, and it is VERY clearly displayed by the latency spectrum, pleasee give it back

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3 years 8 months ago #2 by Wobbles
This is the point where I throw my keyboard through the monitor. Read the blog. Watch the video. The graph is not coming back and that is tue last I will say on the subject.
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