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Very good software, still a bit buggy to load on Windows 10. It's a life saver for games, cheers for the commitment. The add system is very clever, and I'm happily paying 2.00USD for all your commitment and spent time. Cheers <3
Keith Smith
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Thank you

9 months 4 weeks ago #1 by Classic Kiriyama
Just here to drop a thank-you post in - downloaded InputMapper2 last night, hacked around with it, and a couple of other tools, and came away with a fancy turbo-button that works in Xbox app in win10 - went to bed and woke up with a shiny new achievement (OK, technically 90% of one, but I'm posting early)

Fantastic work, thanks Wobbles and all who work on IM and the plugins and everyone else involved, you have just made my grinding in JRPGs so much easier!

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