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I need of DS4Windows and InputMapper support

3 years 2 months ago #1 by Caen
My gf recently had trouble playing Snake Pass with the PS4 controller the other day and figured I'd look for a solution for games that weren't seeing my DS4 controller. I did some digging and remember a while ago that a friend of mine used DS4Windows to have games recognize his controller in various games with no problem. I hadn't realized that DS4Windows loss it's support some time ago, so I ended up installing it along with the DS4Windows driver to run the game. And the game ran well, but soon she wanted to play FFXIV some with me and "attempted" to play we did. It suddenly caused her controller to have really weird inputs, causing some buttons to function in two ways such as the Triangle being her jump button also causing her camera to zoom in and out as well. So we uninstalled the driver and program to remove the problem but it seems to have stuck around. She still gets all those issues now with her DS4 controller instead of it returning to normal. We've tried everything, even hunting down all the bits and pieces of the DS4windows still on the computer... to no avail. So we turned to Inputmapper to save the day, except since DS4Windows is somehow still trying to control the controller from the grave.. Inputmapper cannot enter exclusive mode... Meaning it can't really help with any of the inputs to the controller... so here we're stuck, scratching our heads collectively at this issue which seems to be impossible to figure out. I even installed DS4Windows on my PC and Inputmapper as well. We're at a distance now so I'm helping her via teamviewer and it doesn't seem like it's doing the same thing with my PC as it does with hers. When she plugs in her DS4 controller, it appears as "Wireless Controller" along side the Controller (XBOX 360 for windows) in the Game Controllers folder.

So there's are problem, if anyone can give us some support to figure this out it would be much appreciated.
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3 years 2 months ago #2 by Wobbles

There was anything wrong from the beginning, you just weren't in exclusive mode so inputs don't match up.
The topic has been locked.
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