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Having issue with windows 8.1?

2 years 11 months ago #1 by Ebrahim AlQattan
Hi guys, actually I'm new with the games and using those stuff, I'm using play station 4 original controller, the issue that I'm having with my two controllers after playing for a while it disconnect by it self and reconnect on player from one to two or three or four, sometimes the same controller use one and two at the same time so both player are moving the same place doing the same thing as example in super street fighter?

I wonder is it because my USB socket 2.0 or 3.0 port?
Or something wrong with my windows 8.1 and the input mapper?
Or maybe it detect the controller as windows xbox pad and the input mapper try to force it and use it as play station.
How can I solve the problem out?
I've tired moving to my all usb port and tried to use orginal gear pad cable and still having the same issue!
Is there any way I can fix that and make it lets say this port is only for player one and this port is only for player two so even if I switch the port it won't recognize?

I've been having a message about trying to use driver for windows 10 au and the ohm for the port is less or higher!?
I wonder if this is a common issue?

I tiredi to read and English is my 2nd language but wasn't able to get the issue solved out

So please try to help me as soon as possible
Thanks for your help and support I really appreciates it

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