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Very good software, still a bit buggy to load on Windows 10. It's a life saver for games, cheers for the commitment. The add system is very clever, and I'm happily paying 2.00USD for all your commitment and spent time. Cheers <3
Keith Smith
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How do the in-app ads work?

9 months 21 hours ago #1 by Zwip-Zwap Zapony
InputMapper shows advertisements when open (unless you've donated to get rid of them)... but exactly how do they work? Does it earn InputMapper a bit of money dependant on time in general (regardless of whether people look at it or not, as in InputMapper gets paid a bit for each week or each release or something), dependant on collective ad-viewing time (so InputMapper gets paid more if lots of people view the advertisements for a long time), dependant on clicks (so each click earns InputMapper some money, but the advertisements don't earn InputMapper any money unless they're clicked), or does InputMapper not even get anything for showing the advertisements (besides possibly getting more people to donate)?

Or in other words: Does it help InputMapper at all if people keep the main window up instead of minimizing it?

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9 months 21 hours ago #2 by Wobbles
It vary s depending on the ad and the deal we work out with the client, but there are 2 basic types. The first less common type is pay per click where we get a extremely small amount of money for each click (usually a penny or less). The other more common type is a commission or referral where we only get paid if the user buys whatever service the ad is promoting.

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9 months 20 hours ago #3 by Zwip-Zwap Zapony
That's a shame. I would've liked being able to support InputMapper (without paying straight out of my own wallet...) by just not minimizing it... but I can definitely understand why it works those ways.

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9 months 20 hours ago #4 by Wobbles
That used to be a method of advertising, but the conversion rate was so low and it was so easily manipulated with content refreshers and such, that it was dumped for methods that require some degree of human interaction to ensure the traffic is not bot in origin. That said, the ads in the application are 1st/2nd party ads and dont go through a service like Google AdSense so if a client approaches me and wants to structure payment based on views then that may change.

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