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Forum section suggestion

2 years 6 months ago #1 by Soft Squishy
I just installed inputmapper after I realized that 'DS4 Windows' doesn't work on pSX. Works perfectly which is why I will be donating to the site. Main reason why I'm starting this topic is that I didn't find any posts that share inputmapper profiles for games such as League of Legends, WoW, or even Wizard101, games that aren't supposed to be played with a controller but would be fun to mess around with. I've personally searched high and low for a good way to play League with a controller, but the controls aren't intuitive and easy to grasp, it's like trying to play with a banana. All I'm asking for is a decent controls profile for inputmapper that has percise movement control with the analog to control my character and simple controls to play the game with, and it'll probably help me get to one if there's a way for people to share and find game control homebrew on this forum.


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