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Strange Windows 10 Issues

4 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Quinton

Up until this week I have been using DS4Windows happily with my DS4. I mainly play emulators, pj64 and the such. I have my controller mapped so certain buttons activate save states, delimit framerate, the whole nine yards. Recently I started running into bugs, and I found out that DS4Windows is deprecated and InputMapper is now the way to go. I was happy to get the new software, and set up my profile.

I'm running into the same bugs :( here's the basic run down: Everything works fine until I press one of the mapped keys. For instance, upon pressing dpad up (mapped to number 1 on my keyboard) the trackpad stops working and I must click in a different window for the trackpad to resume working. Additionally, say I'm in a text input field or something, the number "1" does not get typed. The only software I installed somewhat recently was synergy, so maybe this has something to do with it?

Interestingly, when I go into my controller mapping for Project64 and press the button, it actually registers as a "1" keyboard press. In no way can I get this functionality to work in the emulator while running. My computer does show "Wireless Controller" in addition to the "Xbox 360 Controller" in connected devices, I was wondering if that may be a part of it.

I happy to answer any questions which may help debug this issue. it is very annoying to not have my keybinds working :(

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4 years 2 weeks ago #2 by Wobbles
As far as the trackpad stopping, that usually means you are in an elevated window, the trackpad will not currently work in elevated programs, you will either have to elevate IM or run the other app/game as normal user.

As for the mapping, try using scancode. For whatever reason when I developed this it seems my KB uses different codes for arrows and numpad so only people that have similiar setups were able to get it to work without manually editing the profile.

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