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Complete disconnection mid game, causing mousing and movement to get stuck

1 year 10 months ago #1 by Chase
Been having this extremely annoying problem playing Destiny 2 (and others) where my controller will just completely disconnect from inputmapper, causing whatever is going on in my game to get stuck on a forward moving motion or turning motion, whatever i may be doing when the program apparently stops.

I cant alt tab and fix it because then my cursor is also stuck on the loop. So frustrating to the point where i have to sign out in order for it to fix. This causes me to lose my game progress, which is also extremely annoying.

I also cant navigate the UI when its like this because the only option it gives me using the tab feature is just the controller, i cant close the program, nothing.

Is there something i dont have set up right? I did the whole fixing the 2nd gen controllers right. I just dont get why input mapper ALWAYS crashes during a game and im stuck with this loop.

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1 year 10 months ago #2 by wirenut48
Sounds like some conflicting processes going on. You have Steams controller support disabled? New version of IM and HIDGuardian is not far from completion which hopefully will help with these issues.

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