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A way to put DS4 on Exclusive Mode on Win 10 AU

1 year 8 months ago #1 by FELIPE BRIGAGAO DE ALMEIDA
So, i don´t know if it is a new post or a existing one, but i will do this anyway, i was trying to put my controller in Bluetooth, but it was a failure i dont know why, my PC just can't find the DS4, so i've tried to use in cable, but he did not goes on EM, so i've watched one of the guide videos about it, and try it, and didnt work too, aways appears a bunch of warnings about applications saying he is not allowed, something like that, so, in the same way in the video, i've started to disabling some devices on the Device Manager, and finally worked :DDDDDDDD
So,the devices i've disabled was.
Earphone compatible with HID.
System Controller compatible with HID.
Wireless Controller in the audio controllers.
Hope works fine to you guys.

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