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computer doesnt seem to recognize my ds4

1 year 7 months ago #1 by eduardo
i have a problem with my controller not being recognizable by the computer... i remember that a window appeared and it was about inputmapper, maybe theres a problem with it, i dont know. anyway the computer wont recognize my controller from device manager, settings on windows or any of those things, ive tried to look at other programs but same result. i am using windows 10 version 1908 (compilation SO 17763.194) this is a brand new ds4, i bought a micro usb to usb cable that transfer data and i am able to charge the controller, the light on the controller is on. logfile:

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1 year 7 months ago #2 by Wobbles
The USB cable may not be a full data cable, being able to charge and turn the light on only means it is capable of supplying power, not data.

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