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My DS4 Gen 2 controller isn't detected at all.

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #1 by KuroNeo
I haven't used my DS4 controller to play games on my PC for several months now. We've gotten some Windows 10 updates since August. Yesterday I've been trying connect the DS4 controller to my PC and for some reason, it's not being detected at all. When I always connect it through USB, I check the USB Game Controllers menu (joy.cpl) and I see that it's there under the name of "Wireless Controller" or "Xbox 360 Controller" when IM is running. Now the controller isn't being detected, I don't see it in the joy.cpl menu, IM doesn't find it, Steam Big Picture detects nothing.

I have Windows 10 Home Version 1803

This is what I've done to try and fix the issue:
Reinstalled the Xbox 360 drivers
Reinstalled IM 1.6
Reinstalled HID Guardian and followed the steps from this post:

I did add the last 4 lines at the end of the affecteddevices list but now it gives me this error when it didn't before:
"Data of type REG_MULTI_SZ cannot contain empty strings. Registry Editor will remove all empty strings found."

I'm not sure if the issue with regedit is causing this but who knows, it could be something else.

TL;DR Windows 10 doesn't detect the DS4 Gen 2 controller as a generic "Wireless Controller" when it used to before.

EDIT: Windows does install the Wireless Controller drivers, I see it listed in Device Manager but what is causing it to not show up in the joy.cpl menu?

EDIT: After some reinstalls, Windows, IM and Steam now detects the windows and I see it in the joy.cpl menu BUT when I add the 4 Gen 2 lines into AffectedDevices, the controller stops being picked up by Windows, IM and Steam. and I get that empty string error after applying the 4 lines. I think the empty string error is causing this.

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1 year 5 months ago #2 by wirenut48
What Guardian does is hide the physical DS4 so only the virtual controller is detected. It's for games that allow inputs from multiple devices to avoid duplicate inputs. If you do need it for some games it's best to export the Affected Devices Key with all the needed entries and one with entries removed. This allows you hide the controller or not when needed, like when running IM by importing the corresponding reg Key.

With this in mind, I'm gonna have to look into running a batch file when IM starts and quits for an automated process. Believe IM 1.7 does have the ability to run things like that on startup and exit.

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