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!! How to make a proper post requesting support !!

3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #1 by Wobbles
Before posting and asking for support, follow these simple instructions to ensure that you can receive prompt and informed help.

Prior to posting, try un-installing then re-installing IM. This can sometimes fix basic issues.

Do not hijack threads, unless your issue is word for word exactly 100% the same, hijacking a thread is one of the easiest ways for me to completely (mistakenly) overlook you and your support request and or confuse/derail me from helping the OP.

Put a brief explanation of the issue in the topic title. "Please Help" topic title are pointless and make it impossible to know what the topic is actually about. We know you need help, why else would you be posting.

Information to include in your support request:
  • Crash log: If IM wont open or closes unexpectedly, the crash log can contain relevant info. The crash log is located at %appdata%\InputMapper\Crash.log
  • Application log: If IM actually runs, then include a application log by going to the log tab and clicking [Copy Log]
  • Virtual Bus Log: Located in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\DSDCS\InputMapper\Virtual Bus Driver\vbusinstall.log
  • Raw Config and Profile: If your issue is related to mapping or operation, include your config file from %appdata%\InputMapper\Configuration.xml and your related profile from %appdata%\InputMapper\Profiles
  • Complete OS version: Not just "Windows 10" but the complete version and build number, can be found by running winver.exe
  • InputMapper version: (you MUST be on latest version of InputMapper)
  • Detailed explanation of what is wrong, how to reproduce, if it ever worked properly, and if it did ever work properly what changed on your PC since then

Even if nothing has changed on your PC, Windows may have changed things without you knowing. This is especially true in Windows 10 that likes to swap drivers out without asking.

If I ask you to change drivers just humor me, even if you haven't knowingly changed them yourself, Windows may have.
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