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how to get full X and Y axis at the same time?

4 years 1 week ago - 4 years 1 week ago #1 by demon646
I'm using a PS4 controller. Somehow, the genius' in the engineering department decided to make the analog sticks a circle instead of a square :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Sorry about the rant there...

Long story short: If you are full Y axis, then give some X axis, you then loose some Y and can NEVER get full X and Y at the same time.

Let me explain my issue. I fly RC planes and helicopters. I've flown a real plane before. All of the aforementioned vehicle's controls allow for full throttle and full rudder, or zero throttle and full rudder. or full aileron and full elevator, and so on... Basically any 2 controls on the same stick can be minimum to maximum without interfering with the other control on the same stick.

So, in battlefield 4, for example, if I'm in a helicopter and I make an attack run at a building, then pull up and full yaw left, I can NOT full throttle and could cause a crash. The other trade off is to not be able to make the turn at full speed in order to have full power (throttle).

Hopefully I didn't over explain that!

My question is, Is there a way to recalibrate the max X and Y so that at any "Corner" of the stick there isn't any loss of either X or Y's max or min throw?

I hope the question makes sense! Thanks for any help!

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4 years 1 week ago #2 by Wobbles
Most games compensate for this in the software, but if it does not you can try adjusting the sticks sensitivity to over 100%, tinker with it and you *should* be able to get it to a point where you get the full throw of the stick back in corners, but you will loose some granularity.

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4 years 1 week ago #3 by demon646
Thanks for the reply! I tried sensitivity and couldn't see a difference.. at least in the way I wanted it to.

Anyway, I did some searching around and found an old program called DXTweak2 that happens to work on Windows 10 :) It allows me to set the max x and y for both sticks and now I can hit all 4 corners of the controls! :D

Found it on this site if anyone else needs it!

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