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DS4 keeps disconnecting.

3 years 5 months ago #1 by TerumiXX
I've connected my DS4 wired (since I don't have a bluetooth dongle and I still haven't decided whether to get a Sony dongle or a generic one, audio is important to me but not at that price... maybe, it also depends on whether BT audio with a generic dongle will be possible sometimes in the future.) but it keeps disconnecting and the light on it turns off sometimes but the controller works. I'm not sure what is causing this, I've tried using InputMapper as well as other software, it disconnects more often when using DS4Windows and it sometimes disconnects without any software running at all (uPlay natively supports it in For Honor beta, got some disconnects there as well). I'm using my phone's charger plugged into a front panel USB port (since my cable is really short). It also happened when using another cable. What gives? Does anyone have the same issue and is it solvable? I wasn't sure which logs to include, so I didn't include any. If you need me to, I will gladly do so. I'm also using a new PS4 controller (Slim/Pro one).

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