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Use PS4 controller to control windows 10 x64 desktop

3 years 3 months ago #1 by PervySage
Hey guys,

I've been using inputmapper successfully in games for a few months now and it works great, but I was wondering if it is able to control the windows desktop... e.g. move the mouse cursor and click to open applications...etc

Does this functionality exist in inputmapper?
If it does what setting do I need to enable to utilize this function?
Lastly is it possible to use the joysticks to control the mouse on windows desktop?

Info about system & setup
1.) I've enabled the setting "track pad as mouse" and whilst that will actually work in games it wont move the cursor on the windows 10 desktop.
2.) I've also got it running in exclusive mode... (im not sure if that would make a difference but I thought I should mention it).
3.) Operating system is Windows 10 64bit.
4.) inputmapper version is
5.) Controller is PS4 Dual Shock.
6.) Im using a PS4 Dual Shock Controller PC USB dongle by Sony to connect to the controller.
7.) The issue still occurs when using the internal bluetooth to connect to the controller.

Thanks in advance

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #2 by wirenut48
You just need to create a desktop profile and assign it to the controller. Then you can map mouse movement to stick, map mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to anything you wish. Just make sure to add some deadzone to stick to stop mouse drift and adjust sensitivity and curve for movement.

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