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Programs known to have or cause issues with inputmapper

2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #1 by relsig
Any of the below programs, and probably a few others we have yet to discover, can interact with your controller or the program itself in negative ways. If you are having issues getting exclusive mode or with the app disappearing from the taskbar, etc. please make sure these programs aren't running when you connect your controller:

These can prevent InputMapper from getting exclusive access. HIDGuardian -should- prevent these from grabbing the controller if you have it set up properly.

Teamspeak 3
These can prevent InputMapper from getting exclusive access.They can interact with the controller through HIDCerberus as of the time of this post.

Nvidia share credit: aHappyShoe
Prevents exclusive mode, even through HIDGuardian. Temporarily turn it off while connecting.

Nvidia Shadowplay
This and some other programs can create ghost controllers, you can remove the ghost controller in device manager or disable the program while you connect to make your controller first.

This causes multiple issues with the program itself for some reason. You can add InputMapper to Rivatuner's whitelist to stop it from doing silly things.

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