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Compatibility with USB Adapter for Wii U/Mayflash + Gamecube controller

2 years 11 months ago #1 by gabrielw

I heard of InputMapper from a Twitch speedrunner who uses their PS4 controller to play SNES games (Megaman X) on emulator+ROM. I currently use a setup that involves Dolphin for Gamecube/Wii + USB adapter (Wii U/Mayflash) + Gamecube controller to play the Gamecube remake .iso, though it has lag issues. Also just recently could only find the JPN text ROM for the SNES.

I was wondering how to have InputMapper detect non-Bluetooth controllers, such as the above setup which I have from Smash Bros. netplay. This would be useful and cross-compatible with Snes9x, Project64, Dolphin, cemu, as well as VisualBoy, Citra, etc. if I want to speedrun other games with my Gamecube controller. The way the GCN controller + USB adapter works with Dolphin is that it gets automatically detected through USB (WUP-028) after reinstalling a driver with a program called Zadig, and the problem is that InputMapper can't detect it as a controller (though it is listed as a device under Device List).

Thanks in advance. Obviously alternative solutions include getting a Bluetooth controller from PS/Xbox/mobile, a USB SNES/GCN controller, or fixing my SNES controller/buy JP SNES/cartridge+controller, but in these cases I'd probably just stick with the laggy non-JPN Dolphin. Also would help for learning SMW speedruns before the Classic mini comes out.

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2 years 11 months ago #2 by relsig
I'm pretty sure Inputmapper 1.6 only supports the Dualshock controllers but I believe in 1.7 they are adding support for some other USB controllers. I don't think the gamecube controller is on the list but you can always make a 'Feature Request'.
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2 years 11 months ago #3 by gabrielw
Hey guys, figured out the problem. Mayflash adapter on PC mode detects as a controller (for SNES), while on Wii U mode detects as a USB driver (for Dolphin).

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