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Brand new here, and have a question

2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #1 by Scott McLean
Hello all, shout out to the development and developers of this program, I like the functions in this one the best thus far, but I'm having an issue with a game called dungeons and dragons online.

So I have my DS4 controller mapped to hit some buttons on the keyboard when I toggle, long story short, when I open word pad and try it, works like a charm, I could spell my name and stuff, easy to change, well worth the donation for ad free! game wont recognize the input from the controller although, and its not the app, its the game DDO.

I'm just wondering, is there a way to force an app to, I don't really know how to word it, recognize the input, like any other app or program, so that I can use macro's that simply expand my amount of buttons, when the game automatically recognizes the controller and takes forced exclusive control of the button assignment?

*EDIT: I'm using the touchpad left and touchpad right for the letter/number keys, and it works out of game, on everything else I do, but not in game, is this because I'm using emulate as xbox 360 and it does not have a touchpad? so it wont register in game, as its saying "this button does not exist"? I'm actually quite confused at the moment.

**ANOTHER EDIT: Use scancode for the win, am I right?
Basically thought I would toggle that on for the heck of it, now game notices touchpad toggles :) yay for figuring things out!

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2 years 9 months ago #2 by wirenut48
LOL, while reading your post I was wondering if you tried Scancode, but then seen you figured it out.

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