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Anybody have current latency numbers?

2 years 10 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #1 by SuperDerpBro
Is a wireless Dualshock 4 + inputmapper fast enough for retro games?

I am building an "emulator box" and am trying to find the best single controller for most systems. So, needs analog and a good d-pad. Seems like the DS4 is the best all around controller with a great d-pad. I have read that it has less latency when used wireless than wired (kinda weird). However, is that just the connection from the controller to the PC/dongle? I have read more than a few times people talking about the actual encoding of the inputs to xinput can add 40+ ms of extra latency.. :/

Example: Eurogamer did a test on input latency and they found that Input Mapper's process of taking the Dual Shock 4 inputs and translating them into standard PC Xinput adds a considerable amount of latency". They noted that "initial results were deeply unimpressive, with the PC actually lagging behind PlayStation 4 by a remarkable 41ms (five frames on our 120fps captures)," but by switching to a wired Xbox controller they removed any additional latency and brought it in line with the PS4 version.

Has this been addressed since then? Anyone have any experience with this? Pretty expensive to buy one and a Bluetooth dongle only to find that i can't play Mario 3, for example, well with it :/


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2 years 10 months ago #2 by wirenut48
I haven't noticed any issues with latency. The new version under development should improve upon this with it's cleaner code.

Asus STRIX X299-E GAMING MB, i7-7820X 3.6/4.5GHz 8-Core, 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum (CMD16GX4M2B2400C10), NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal), Samsung 970 Pro 1TB M.2-NVMe w/Western Digital 2TB (WD2000F9YZ), Samsung 65Q9FN QLED, HTC Vive, 850w PS, W10

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2 years 10 months ago #3 by SuperDerpBro
That's why i asked if anyone had numbers. Lots of people "don't notice any lag bro". My brother games happily on and HDTV with horrible lag. He had no idea until i showed him the numbers on and then with a controller. hehe. Not a huge deal with modern games but i am setting up a PC dedicated to retro games. The inherent lag in most emulators is enough i don't want to add to it.

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