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Exclusive Mode broken after Windows 10 Fall Creators update

6 months 4 weeks ago #51 by Trekari
I'm sorry that my feedback irritated you.

No, I did not ask for support. Yes, I did read the documentation.

Perhaps with your mapping interface update, my issues with FFVII will be resolved. Among the mapping/functionality issues, I also was disappointed to see 1.7 was missing a way to just disconnect a controller without exiting the application. In 1.6, you can just click on the bluetooth icon. I also saw no way to assign a profile to an application in 1.7.

After removing all IM-related software from the PC and reinstalling 1.6, HIDGuardian was functioning properly again. If anyone is having issues with the latest Windows 10 update and exclusive mode, and Repair/Modify doesn't work for HIDGuardian, uninstall it completely and re-install.

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6 months 4 weeks ago #52 by Wobbles
The mapping interface changes wont help you because that is only for mapping overrides.

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