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Hearthstone End Turn macro?

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #1 by Kain Morgen
I just started using InputMapper 1.6.10.

I like to play Hearthstone and I like to use Controllers while being comfy on my couch.
So far I made me an InputMapper Profile for Hearthstone to move the mouse with the left analog stick and to click the left mouse button with X, right mouse button with O, escape with triangle.
I can also alt-tab using both L1 and L2 and I mapped volume up and down to the D-Pad.

It would be awesome, if it was possible to make a Macro that places the mouse cursor over the End Turn Button (for me thats about X:3126 Y:971), maybe waits a few milliseconds, presses the left mouse button for a few milliseconds and then releases the left mouse button again.

I could make a simple Hello World macro in the Hearthstone profile.
But in the profile's macro editor I could only enter buttons or mouse movements.
I don't see an option to assign the mouse cursor a fixed position. :(

I also found the macro studio in the InputMapper main menu.
There I could assign a fixed position to the cursor.
I looked up a list of the keys and 1 should probably be the left mouse button.
Anyways, testing the macro, the cursor is put to the desired location. The mouse button did not seem to be pressed, but well I guess that can be fixed.
What is worse is that I dont seem to be able to apply any triggers to this macro inside the macro studio.
Also I don't find an option in the Hearthstone profile macro editor to load a preexisting macro that was defined in the macro studio.

So, is it even possible to make this macro right now?
And how do I do it?

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