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Macros not working ingame

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #1 by athrun
not sure if this was answer as I couldnt find it anywhere but I made alot of macros for my ps4 controller and it won't work in game. Everything else will and beautifully mind you. Is there a fix.

One more thing to add I tested the macros on notepad and it did work.

I tested it on a different game and it also didnt take the macros

I am running win10 160 something.

I found a thread saying I need to use scancode when making the macros but even that doesnt work in both create macro and edit macro as it doesn't stay checked in both cases. In case it was a false positive I tested it out even after the change on both attempts and it still doesn't work.

I got it working and see what I did wrong but the arrow keys don't work but I think this was already discussed as a non fixable issue at this time.

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