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Controller is duplicated, then changes to controller 2

2 years 6 months ago #1 by joelspadin
I am using InputMapper with a PS4 controller and the official PS4 USB wireless adapter.

Occasionally after a random amount of time of the controller working normally, InputMapper will show two controllers connected instead of one. The Windows controllers list will also show one "DUALSHOCK USB Wireless Adaptor" and two "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" entries. The controller will keep working, but the mouse will move twice as fast when I drag on the trackpad, so it appears that InputMapper is duplicating inputs from my PS4 controller.

If I close and restart InputMapper, it will stop duplicating the controller, however the controller will stop working in games. Using the XInput Test window, I can see that only controller 2 is connected now. The only way I've found to correct this is to uninstall the XBox controller and wireless adapter drivers from device manager and reboot my computer.

Exclusive mode is not working, but InputMapper works in most games I play without it, so I haven't tried to fix that. I am also running Steam, but have PS4 controller support disabled in it.

Is there a way to get InputMapper to stop duplicating my controller, or failing that, a way to get it to change a controller from controller 2 back to controller 1?

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2 years 5 months ago #2 by joelspadin
Is seems like this might be triggered by connecting or removing other USB devices, possibly limited to ones on the same hub as my controller's wireless adapter. I sometimes need to remove and reconnect my headset's adapter to get it to connect, and when I do this a notification appears saying that Windows is setting up an Xbox 360 controller.

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