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Rumble Sensitivity?

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #1 by bwillismusic
I'm currently playing the SPCV3 aka the Halo CE remake. I want to map some automatic rumble when I depress the triggers and certain buttons (like melee, jump, reload, etc.) to simulate the good old Master Chief beefiness from the original Xbox days. There was a dope slider that modulated rumble strength up to 255% in DS4Windows which I loved, but as far as I can see, there isn't a rumble option for buttons/triggers anymore?

Tbh, I preferred the more minimal (and AD free) user interface of DS4Windows and have been using it with the game I mentioned above, but it suddenly kept disconnecting my controller hence my forced switch to IM 1.6 (which works great in exclusive mode now). Can anyone tell me how to map rumble if there is in fact an option for it in Input Mapper?

Also, big thanks to the dev sir Wobbles for the great utility.

Thanks all. Cheers.

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